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Most coupons today are regional, and you may not always get the “HOT” coupon you are searching for in your Sunday insert.

Well there is a solution for this problem, trading coupons.

There are many options on social media to get the coupons you need.

But, before you jump in there are a few things you need to know.

First you need to learn the lingo, CGLA has an article that will help you learn coupon lingo. Go here–>>Coupon Lingo

Make Your Post

There are some key elements you need to have in your post to get the highest chance of response:

Name the coupon you’re ISO.
Value – They vary.
Source – Is it printable? From the news paper? Indicate specifically where to find it.
What you are willing to trade – You can be generic and say “lots.” However, offering a hot coupon will elicit a quicker response.
Check Your Notifications and Messages

Many people will respond on your post while others will message you directly.

Make sure your settings allow you to receive messages from anyone.
There’s an “Other” folder below your regular message folder–check it!
If someone is interested on your post, move it to a PM as quickly as you can. This eliminates any confusion that might be caused if you have more than one person interested in your offer.
If the offer has been fulfilled, update or delete your post on Facebook to avoid responses you have to deny.
The finally work out the details.

Now your ready to trade coupons, and get those deals you want.


from our sister site: Coupon Girls LA

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