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My kids Grew up on ZooBooks!

I can't sing the praises enough about Zoobooks! The great stickers, posters with every magazine and the best part-- the reading of the articles every night! WOW! I saw this ad and I had to share it with all of you! It brought back so many fond memories! Get a FREE poster and FREE animal stickers with your Zoobooks magazine!

And if we talked Vinegar--we must talk Olive Oil

Have you tried these guys? I drizzle a little on my GF toast and sprinkle some sea salt! YUM!!!!
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Vinegar - Vinegar and More Vinegar!

I love apple cider vinegar! Many, Many, and I could keep going as to how many but you get my drift, moons ago. my mom found a very old book in a yard sale. It was all about apple cider and it's benefits.
Today-- we have the web and the wonderful company of Heinz. They've put alot of tips and suse on their site! BEST PART-- A 50cent coupon just for signing up to the newsletter! WOOT!
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Momnbaby - ad
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WOOT! I love me some TIDE!

I {heart} Tide! I've been using it ever since my babies were born! Here a great coupon for you to use next time your out shopping!

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NEW blog!

If you found me through a GFC, you've found my new secret! shhh! ^_^ I'll be posting some awesome coupons and great giveaways here in the next few days! This blog is still a work in progress as you can see! Stop by my Weebly siteBloggieMomma! I have some great ideas on monetizing and I have a page dedicated to really great BloggieMommas I have found in the blogosphere! Go Check me and them out! 

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